Ubertechs Proactive Support - UPS
Ubertechs Proactive Support (UPS), is a small, unobtrusive program that checks your Mac throughout the day and notifies our Certified Apple Mac technicians, of any problems that it detects. For example:- 

  • Early signs of a failing hard drive or flash storage.
  • Delays or errors in your backups.
  • Low disk space.
  • Malware/adware issues.
  • Failing batteries, RAID errors, kernel panics, failing RAM etc, etc.

We will then inspect these notifications and where necessary, we will contact you with the best course of action.  The small program which you simply install, runs silently in the background and has no access to your personal files or data. With this early warning system we can securely and proactively ensure your Mac keeps running at its best.

Within the first day of launching UPS, we found a customer’s Mac that was not correctly backing up to Time Machine.

The cost is £4.17+VAT(£5.00) per Mac, per month. Additional Macs per household (up to 5) are charged at £1.67+VAT(£2.00) each per month.

We will need the serial number of your Mac when you subscribe. If you are not sure where to find this please follow these instructions on the Apple website.
Please use the button here to subscribe to this service.

Its like having your very own Apple Certified, Ubertechs Technician making sure there are no problems with your Mac!

Ubertechs Proactive Support, Terms & Conditions.
  • The subscription to UPS does not include any costs associated with fixing, repairing or making good any items that UPS discovers as problematic. 
  • The subscription does not entitle you to telephone support to fix the problem, unless we offer an additional, paid-for service to address this.
  • We do not claim that UPS will discover all failures of your Mac computer.  Some problems or failures are impossible to predict.
  • Ubertechs will do their best to notify you via email or telephone (if you provide a number). In the event we get no response, we cannot be held responsible for any failures or problems which may occur.
  • If you cancel your subscription or fail to make the monthly payment for any reason, we will do our best to notify you. We will continue looking for problems on your Mac once payment is resumed.
  • If your Mac is behind a strict firewall that limits outbound connections we may not be able to check your computer for problems.
  • We do not have access to any of your files or photographs on your Mac. Your Mac only sends diagnostic information to us.
  • We will contact you during our normal working hours.
  • iOS devices such as iPads are not supported by UPS. 
  • You may cancel your subscription to UPS at any time. 
  • Ubertechs reserve the right to withdraw this service and cancel your contract without notice.