We receive many reports from customers about our excellent service at Ubertechs, some of these are below . More of these can be viewed on our Google+ page.

John Hodkinson

reviewed 2 months ago

Ubertechs repaired my Macbook Pro in good time and no loss of data. To be recommended!

Richard Duong

reviewed a month ago

Much better than Apple themselves!! Great friendly service with excellent advice!!

Brian Isherwood

reviewed in the last week

Excellent service at Ubertechs with work done on my Macbook and keeping me informed

Stuart Siddons

reviewed 8 months ago

Fantastic service. Ubertechs replaced my iMac HDD with an SSD and gave her a general once over, all very satisfactory in terms of the work and absolutely first rate in terms of the customer service and communication. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any Mac owners in the unlikely event of needing a repair job, or more excitingly, installing an upgrade.

Allan Bolton

reviewed 4 months ago

As a low-tech user no longer able to rely on office-based IT support, I was thrown by my lovely HP printer getting locked up and no longer able to function.  A previous satisfied Ubertechs customer, I was in touch by email on Friday lunchtime and got a rapid response -- not for a visit the same afternoon, but 9.00 a.m. on Monday.  Ian did a really thorough job in resolving the main problem by re-installing the printer and, while here, tidied up several oddities which my system had acquired. He even gave me useful advice about the life expectancy of my desk-top and about Ipods while here!

Nick ‎ - 20 Sep 2011

I had the cracking issue on the lid of my 2010 Macbook near the hinges. It was within 12 month warranty (just), so I got a reference number from Apple and took it to Ubertechs. The whole lid/screen was replaced without a hitch. Brilliant service. The parking bay for drop offs is very handy too, especially in Lancaster during rush hour!

9 Sep 2011

Fixed a problem with my 2008 iMac which I had been unable to resolve myself, despite hours browsing the forums and trying different ideas. Friendly service, and they really seem to care about what they do. Would definitely use them again.

Zoe ‎ - 30 Aug 2011

Really helpful and fantastic value. Fast & effective customer service.

Chris ‎ - 26 Aug 2011

Excellent service - very quick. Mike was really helpful and my Macbook is now running beautifully with it's spacious new hard drive!

26 Aug 2011

Sue - 26 Aug 2011 Excellent service - very helpful and you don't have to go miles away to an Apple Store. Thank you Ubertechs.

Rachel ‎ - 24 Aug 2011

Excellent service - really glad not to have to go to Manchester Apple Store to have the problem with my daughter's ipod sorted. Many thanks Ubertechs!

Will ‎ - 11 Aug 2011

I used Ubertechs for Apple warranty service on my 2007 macbook - I'm very pleased with their efficient service and they are much more convenient than the Arndale Apple store alternative.

Margaret ‎ - 29 Jul 2011

Excellent. In less than half an hour Ian eliminated and identified the problem and solved it with ease. I would definitely trust Ubertechs with any future problems.

vicky ‎ - 28 Jul 2011

A great experience. Friendly and helpful throughout, Mike kept me thoroughly updated on job progress via email log. I was able to arrange drop off and pick up at convenient times for me and the end result is that my iMac is now running beautifully. Fantastic - I would definitely come back and recommend.

les ‎ - 12 Jul 2011

Excellent and friendly service. Kept briefed and updated on progress. Very useful to have an Apple repair service in the area. Thanks Mike LN

Jaclyn ‎ - 8 Jul 2011

Great friendly service kept in touch every step of the way and made very easy to collect. Thank you.

Lin Aspin ‎ - 6 Jul 2011

So great to have a friendly and efficient mac service provider just on the doorstep. Super all round. Many thanks Mike : )).

PS ‎ - 5 Jul 2011

Excellent service. Brought in MacBook Pro on Friday lunch and it was fixed by Monday PM. Will recommend to other Mac users and use again.

MW ‎ - 4 Jul 2011

Excellent service. I've been to Ubertech twice - once for an upgrade to hardware and once for a software solution. both times they were friendly and knowledgeable - and made sure they'd tested and checked the upgrades/repairs with me before I left. Good to have someone close to home who can work on a mac; even better to have someone both skilled and friendly.

UraGraymalkin ‎ - 27 Jun 2011

A fast, friendly, and professional service. Replacement HDD fitted under AppleCare without the need to travel to an Apple Store - magic. Even reinstalled OS X, iLife, and all appropriate updates (and recovered my iPhoto library). Delighted to have my MacBook working again - recommended!

JAF ‎ - 10 Jun 2011

Ubertech did a great job on fixing my computer. They fixed my laptop problem and sorted out some viruses and unwanted issues. A professional and efficient service, thanks.

Stuart ‎ - 10 Jun 2011

Panic. My wife's Apple stopped working. Brownie points draining away. Action required. Callubertechs. These caped wonders of the computer age swung into action and reassured me and solved the problem quickly and efficiently. Marital harmony restored. Thank you, ubertechs! Seriously though: a great service by helpful people. You really cannot ask for anything more.

John ‎ - 10 Jun 2011

An ultra fast and expert service, Ubertechs Ltd was a pleasure to deal with on every front. . . look no further for all your Business and Home IT requirements.

Chewmin.A ‎ - 9 Jun 2011

I took my computer to Ubertechs recently as it had some virus problems. There were extremely helpful from start to finish and managed to clear everything up! The price was good too. Well recommended.

Adam ‎ - 1 Jun 2011

Superb. Kept in contact well and more than fixed my laptop. Would recommend to anyone with a mac, at least!

Emma Mc ‎ - 25 May 2011

Excellent! Customer service brilliant - they kept me updated with progress and checked my Macbook thoroughly. I would definitely recommend them - it was worth the 4 hour round trip without a doubt!

Marcus ‎ - 17 May 2011

Professional and efficient, excellent service . I had a problem with my Mac book pro andUberTech saved me a 120 mile round trip to the nearest Apple store and the service was equally as good, i would highly recommend and it will be first choice if a have any other problems.

Katie ‎ - 12 May 2011

Excellent Technical Service and Excellent Customer Service!! Thank you very much! Would definitely recommend to others.

JG ‎ - 11 May 2011

Very professional and friendly service. Thank you

Steve ‎ - 9 May 2011

Highly recommended. I dropped my macbook off for repair and the work was completed quickly. Very professional service.

Dave ‎ - 28 Apr 2011

Friendly service

DynkinF4 ‎ - 28 Apr 2011

Excellent service! Very efficient. Highly recommended.

Claire ‎ - 11 Apr 2011

Ian at Ubertechs got me re-connected to the Internet after a week of being without it. What a relief! A reliable and efficient service; I highly recommend them.

RAS ‎ - 18 Mar 2011

'Having contacted Ubertechs about a fault with my laptop mid-evening I was surprised to get an immediate email response that same evening, and was able to take the laptop into the workshop next morning and have it back fixed by mid afternoon the same day. Excellent service, friendly and efficient, and Ian was good at explaining things in non-technical language.' A.S.

Marc Molloy ‎ - 8 Mar 2011

Excellent service and very quick at replying to queries etc...even out of hours!

gin ‎ - 18 Feb 2011

Excellent service - Mike and Ian both were extremely patient, as well as speedy and efficient, in fixing a sick laptop, and setting up and transferring data to a new one - great stuff!

Shaun ‎ - 11 Feb 2011

Unbeatable service. My iMac repair was dealt with by Ian Maude who was professional and efficient even helping to quickly overcome a warranty dispute with Apple.

David ‎ - 7 Jan 2011

Very efficient and quick, repair took 4 days Apple stated 2 weeks. Job well done.

Treesunwind ‎ - 1 Jan 2011

I dealt with Mike Dent who fixed our Macbook over Christmas. Mike was efficient and professional installing a new logic board. Luckily for us this was a warranty job and Ubertech arranged everything with Apple. Thanks Mike and Ubertech a job we well done

Paul ‎ - 31 Dec 2010

I have been dealing with Mike and Ubertechs all this year. I found them knowledgeable and very patient. I would recommend Ubertechs to anyone and have.

Karen ‎ - 22 Dec 2010

Uber Techs are a very prompt computer repair service in the Lancaster area, and specialise in windows and apple computers, Being the only Apple Certified service in this area, this has aided my greatly... even fixing a problem that apple themselves did not spot! 10/10 for service, as my computer was fixed within 2 days and the staff are very helpful and welcoming. I will be recommending this service to all my friends with both Macs and Windows computers! Thank you UberTechs!

Julia ‎ - 8 Dec 2010

I've known about this company for sometime, (local word of mouth and via Twitter! @ubertechs). Ian and Mike arranged and fixed my MacBook in friendly professional manor despite issues with UPS and delays, keeping me up to date with the repair process. I'm very pleased with the results, thanks guys :)

Treds ‎ - 10 Nov 2010

Great find Received a very prompt (same day) and friendly service. Ian was very happy to answer my questions in an unbiased and jargon-free way whilst dealing with the job. I will certainly use this service again and recommend it to others.

3 Nov 2010

service of a rare kind Ubertech's has been supporting my home set up now for 4+ years and an acknowledgement is long overdue. Two complete wireless installations including internet phones, maintenance, software installations and sound advice have been provided. All of it competent, timely and excellent value for money. Ubertech'swas recommended to me...I'm happy to take every opportunity to do the same.Thanks Mike, David

27 Sep 2010

computer repair excellent service and very quick to respond to any problem. What he doesn't know, he quickly works out. Great value for money. Highly recommend Mike to anyone

22 Sep 2010 Geoff. Mike, who I've known for several years is thoroughly competent in his field and provided first class backup whenever I've needed it so I can heartily recommend Ubertechs which is MIKE

Supertech by Jeanna‎‎

By jeanna - 7 Aug 2010 My hairdresser recommended Mike at Ubertech as she had spent hours trying to sort out a computer problem. She said he came quickly and solved the problem in no time. We had used other specialists in the area and found them expensive, so we called Mike and we have been using his expertise for over three years now. So much better to have a personal recommendation and he gets our vote every time‎.

Macbook Repair‎‎ By John - 24 Jul 2010 When my Macbook stopped working - my entire on-line life ground to a halt! I contacted Mike and his reply was extremely prompt. I dropped the machine off for repair with an estimated repair time of 1-2 days. Later the same day he rang me to tell me the machine was repaired. The whole experience was a delight and I intend to recommend Mike to all my friends and colleagues. John Fletcher‎

Mike is really helpful‎‎ By susanlucas1950 - 27 Jun 2010 Mike has installed my wifi and been a really helpful source of advice and information since then.. He is very committed and totally reliable - he turns up quickly when requested and arrives exactly when expected. He also explains things carefully to non-specialists and I would really recommend him to people like me, who are regular pc users, but have no technical expertise.‎

Ubertech - ist Über fantastisch!‎‎ By chip - 22 Jun 2010 Mike is a hero! Service was fast, up to a high standard and at a reasonable price. Any IT related problems i'd highly recommend Ubertech. Mike is very good at explaining simple day to day problems that may occur so they can be easily solved by yourself. over all 10/10 i'd go for ubertech every time!‎

Ubertechs highly recommended‎‎ By h.hinds - 10 Jun 2010 Great service from Mike at Ubertechs -- both on the level of the work itself, but also in terms of how that work is explained. Elsewhere I've felt out of my depth in techno-speak, but really appreciated Mike's ability to explain things clearly and comprehensibly.‎

Thumbs Up to Ubertechs‎‎ By Ben - 1 May 2010 Ubertechs, and Mike solved my issues regarding the state/future of a broken laptop quickly and easily - I'd have full faith in taking any computer query to them after the service I received. Now have all the data I thought I'd lost after being dealt with in a convenient, speedy, honest and top-quality fashion. If your reading these reviews looking for some help with your computer, look no further. Ubertechs are perfect for the job.‎

Ubertech speak plain English‎‎ By Derek - 26 Apr 2010 Thanks to Ubertech our computer problems are now resolved. We like the fact that Mike explains what the problem is in laymans terms and is trustworthy, efficient, reliable and reasonable. We have recommended Ubertech to several friends who in turn have recommended them to others. We highly recommend Ubertech. Kate & Derek‎

Linux sorted‎‎ By DAVID - 21 Apr 2010 Not everyone knows how to fix Linux machines, but Ubertechs sorted it. Quick and efficient. David‎

A lifeline for computer users‎‎ By Sandra - 20 Apr 2010 Ditto everything "Sharon" has said! Ubertechs is my lifeline when my computer plays tricks on me, when it needs an MOT, when I am stuck trying to install stuff, or when I've just pressed the wrong buttons and caused havoc! At those times, I know that expert, speedy and reasonably priced help is just an email or phonecall away. Also whilst working on my computer, Mike's patience in answering all my questions in a simple and easy to understand way boosts my confidence. I recommend him to anyone who has a computer, whether confident and experienced but needing some extra specialist help. Or someone like myself, needing LOTS of help to get my computer functioning again. By Sandra‎

Sharon‎‎ By Sharon - 18 Apr 2010 Ubertechs is FANTASTIC! For someone like me who knows nothing about computers it's wonderful to have found a company I can trust to service and/or repair my computer. Mike is also very willing to answer queries over the telephone and, unlike helplines which I've used in the past, he never confuses me with technical language I don't understand. I've recommended them on numerous occasions because I can honestly say Ubertechs are great: they're knowledgable, they respond really quickly, they're reliable, they're trustworthy and extremely reasonably priced. I'm delighted with their service and will continue to use them in the future. Thanks for all your help.‎

very reliable over many years‎‎ By j.welshman - 17 Apr 2010 We have been using Mike for several years, and have always found him to be most reliable, punctual, and cheap. We have recommended him to many friends, and could not be more happy with the service he has provided.‎

Honest and reliable‎‎ By janehoctor - 24 Mar 2010 I have used Ubertechs twice now and both times they have provided an honest, reliable and inexpensive service. I would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them to anyone.‎

great service‎‎ By Carin - 26 Feb 2010 We have been working with Ubertechs for some years and are extremely happy with the service they provide. Our calls for help are answered within the shortest of time and up to now (touch wood) all our problems were solved at the agreed date / agreed time / agreed price. We are extremely satisfied with their service, specially with their patient explanations to all our questions. Thanks Ubertechs for being there with your support. Carin & Eric Smith‎

satisfied customer‎‎ By Gordon - 12 Feb 2010 I have found Ubertechs to provide a very useful (and not too expensive) service, both for setting up a new PC and dealing with problems and faults when they arise. They are prompt to respond to inquiries, and will come to you, within the locality, rather than your needing to transport kit to them.‎

Staring with a Mac‎‎ By Peter - 21 Jan 2010 I put myself entirely in the hands of Mike Dent. The service was exemplary. Mike was knowledgeable, helpful and indulgent. I am now a fan and would recommend Ubertech sevices to anyone. Peter‎

Uberkind!‎‎ By belpers - 16 Dec 2009 Talk about service!!! I'm at my local coffeeshop here in Kansas, USA and the wifi service goes down... I take a couple pics of the mess of tangled and unkept wires in the back room, upload to a social media website and Mike kindly resolves the issue with some suggestions via text messages. 5 minutes later the wifi is operational and the coffeeshop customers are happy and web surfing again. Service out of this country? Absolutely! Service out of this world? Likely! :-) Thanks Mike!‎

ubertechs service‎‎ By charles - 17 Sep 2009 excellent will visit and set up home system- available all hours and dont cost the earth as opposed to hours on puter and phone----charles davis-- personal service is invaluable‎

Making my Mac Pro even better‎‎ By d.bakker - 28 Aug 2009 I had a list of extras that I wanted to be installed on my custom configurated Mac Pro. Mike managed to install them all, and even more, pointing out free downloadable software where I assumed that it had to be bought, and providing tips for issues that I had not even been aware of. All in a remarkably short time. Thank you Ubertechs, I know where to find you next time I need you. Dik Bakke