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For the first time, upgrade the PCIe-based flash SSD in your mid-2013 or later MacBook Pro with Retina display or MacBook Air, with up to eight times the original capacity. Available in 480GB and 1TB capacities, the new Aura SSD continues OWC's dedication to giving you more from your Mac.
Ubertechs can expertly fit and transfer all your existing files/applications on to the new drive. We will also service your MacBook whilst we have it on our bench. Cleaning internals, fans, heatsink and casings. We will also run our own tests and Apple diagnostics to make sure everything is running at its best.


If you have an Apple MacBook Retina or MacBook Air from 2013 or later, you may have purchased it with the basic 128GB flash storage. Over the past couple of years you may have filled this up and constantly find yourself with little space, having to remove important files, photos or music in order to keep your Mac from completely filling up.
Aura SSDs are available in 480GB and 1TB capacities, delivering up to eight times the capacity of your Mac’s stock flash drive. Upgrading with an Aura SSD gives you the freedom to do more with your Mac.


Aura SSDs are designed from the ground up for reliable performance and complete compatibility with your Mac. It begins with choosing the highest-quality components, and then engineering a perfect-fit solution that simply works with your computer. OWC Aura comes with a 3 year warranty on the component.

Prices start from £330+VAT including parts and fitting.  For an additional cost, we can fit the SSD we remove from your MacBook, in to a high quality, stylish USB 3.0 enclosure, also from OWC.

We expect to be able to offer these upgrades from late April 2016. Parts are likely to be in short supply, order in advance today.

If you have an earlier MacBook Pro Retina or MacBook Air, please contact us for upgrade pricing.


  • Controller
  • Flash Controller: Silicon Motion 2256
  • RAID Controller: Marvell 9230
  • Technologies Supported
  • NCQ: supported [up to 32 commands]
  • SMART: not supported
  • System Requirements
  • Software
    • OS
      • Mac OS X v10.8 or later
      • Windows 7 or later*
  • *Use of Windows on the Aura SSD requires direct installation of Windows to the drive. OS X's Boot Camp utility is not supported.
  • Compatibility
  • Aura SSDs for Mid-2013 and Later MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina Display are compatible with Mac computers with the following model IDs:
  • MacBookPro11,1
  • MacBookPro11,2
  • MacBookPro11,3
  • MacBookPro11,4
  • MacBookPro11,5
  • MacBookPro12,1
  • MacBookAir6,1
  • MacBookAir6,2
  • MacBookAir7,1
  • MacBookAir7,2
  • Available Capacities & Part Numbers:
  • 512 GB - 480GB useable capacity after 7% over-provisioning
  • 1024GB - 960GB useable capacity after 7% over-provisioning
  • Performance
  • Peak data rate: 763MB/s read and 446MB/s write
  • Incompressible data rate: 754MB/s Read and 425MB/s write
  • Protection
  • Encryption: chip-based, 128-bit AES Compliant
  • Over-provisioning: 7%
  • Dimensions
  • Height: 0.1 in (3.7 mm)
  • Width: 0.9 in (24 mm)
  • Length: 3.4 in (89 mm)
  • Weight
  • 0.7 oz (21 grams)


  • Environmental (Operating)
  • Temperature (Fahrenheit): 32°F to 158°F
  • Temperature (°C): 0°C to 70°C
  • Environmental (Non-Operating)
  • Temperature (Fahrenheit): -67° to 302°
  • Temperature (°C) -55°C to 150°C