Sorry this part is out of stock. See our online shop for the OWC equivalent item.

New stock has arrived! 3rd December 2012.  (See bottom of this page for how to order)

Ubertechs are a UK supplier and stockist of the original OptiBay™  hard drive enclosure. The OptiBay allows the fitting of either a second hard drive in to your MacBook or MacBook Pro, allowing you to have a total of 2TB of storage, or it can be fitted and your primary hard drive moved in to the OptiBay. This then allows the installation of a solid state drive or SSD to give you a massive increase in performance! The optical drive which is taken out of your MacBook can then be installed in the external USB enclosure which is provided with the OptiBay kit.

OptiBay™ Drive at a Glance

  • Up to 1TB (1,000GB) additional internal hard disk, or SSD, storage!
  • Compatible with all Mac OS including Mac OS 10.7 (Lion)
  • Up to 2TB total internal hard disk, or SSD, storage!
  • Purchase with pre-installed hard disk or SSD, or use with your own 2.5" SATA Hard Drive or SSD
  • Can be used as an individual volume, as part of a RAID array, or combined with internal storage drive as one very large volume
  • Bootable
  • Easy setup using Apple's Disk Utility program
  • Neglible impact on battery life
  • S.M.A.R.T. drive status compliant
  • Includes free, portable, USB 2.0 enclosure for SuperDrive
  • Lifetime Warranty on OptiBay™ Enclosure

We currently stock the OptiBay suitable for unibody MacBook and MacBook Pro only. The cost including Optibay, external optical enclosure, cable installation DVD instructions and screwdrivers is £65+vat(£78). This includes delivery to mainland UK.

How to Order.

  1. Send an email to the address on our contact page stating you wish to order an OptiBay. Include in this email your name, delivery and billing address.
  2. You should receive an automated reply back almost straight away. Within this reply will be a 'ticket #'
  3. Phone during office hours (0152434283) and quote the ticket number. We will take your payment over the phone and despatch your Optibay ASAP.

Please note, until you have paid for your Optibay it will not be reserved.

Please note, Ubertechs do not provide support for fitting the OptiBay and take no responsibility if you damage your computer installing this drive.