OWC Data Doubler / SuperSlim

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OWC Data Doubler / SuperSlim


Includes everything needed to replace your optical drive with a second drive or Solid State Drive.

Add up to an additional 1.0TB of internal storage. Add a Solid State Drive (SSD) for near instantaneous boot and app load. Even create a RAID array! Includes bracket, 5 piece toolkit, screws, and detailed installation guide for complete all in one solution.

Please note, this item comes with the external SuperSlim enclosure which you install your optical drive in to. 

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This OWC Data Doubler is compatible with...

MacBook Pro 17" "Early 2009"
"Mid 2009" "Early 2010"
"Early 2011" and "Late 2011"

Model ID / Info: Learn how to find your Mac's Model ID

MacBook Pro 15" "Late 2008",
"Mid 2009" "Early 2010" 
"Early 2011" "Late 2011"
and "Mid 2012"

Model ID / Info: Learn how to find your Mac's Model ID

MacBook Pro 13" "Mid 2009"
"Early 2010" "Early 2011" "Late 2011"
and "Mid 2012"

Model ID / Info: Learn how to find your Mac's Model ID

MacBook 13" "Late 2008"

Model ID / Info: Learn how to find your Mac's Model ID

  • MacBook5,1 | 2.0GHz, 2.4GHz

MacBook 13" "Late 2009"
and "Early 2010"

Model ID / Info: Learn how to find your Mac's Model ID

  • MacBook6,1 | 2.26GHz
  • MacBook7,1 | 2.4GHz

Special compatibility notes related to use of this product with 6Gb/s SSDs in the following machines:

2011 MacBook Pro 13" (Model ID MacBookPro8,1)
2011 MacBook Pro 15" (Model ID MacBookPro8,2)
2011 MacBook Pro 17" (Model ID MacBookPro8,3)

  • MAIN BAY: A 6G SSD may be utilized in main bay (move drive or second SSD into Optical Bay*) for reliable SATA Revision 3.0 6Gb/s performance in excess of 500MB/s.

    (Model ID MacBookPro8,3) models. After successfully applying this update, your Boot ROM Version will be: MBP81.0047.B1E. Please read our very informative Blog Post for additional information.

    OPTICAL BAY: The optical bay interface may either be SATA Revision 2.0 3Gb/s (300MB/s max) OR SATA Revision 3.0 6Gb/s. There is no way to specify/order this data interface with Apple, but you can confirm what interface version your optical bay offers by using 'About this Mac, More Info, Serial-ATA' info display. 

    Testing has demonstrated that Apple factory hardware does not reliably support a 6G (6Gb/s) Solid State Drive or Hard Disk Drive in the optical bay of 2011 MacBook Pros (ModeI ID8,1; 8,2; 8,3). If your OWC Data Doubler bundle comes with a 6G drive, you should ONLY install that drive in the main drive bay and utilize the Data Doubler to re-task your existing drive or install a new 3G SSD or HDD in the optical bay. PRE-2011 models can utilize a 6G drive in the optical bay, but will do so at a reduced 3G (3Gb/s) speed. 

    MacBook Pro 13" models: Apple does not support the use of 6Gb/s drives in the optical bay. While we have observed a high rate of success using SATA 3.0 6Gb/s drives in Apple 13" bays where 6Gb/s link is present, some systems may not operate properly with this setup. For guaranteed reliability/compatibility, we suggest 6Gb/s drives be used in the main drive bay only, and 3Gb/s hard drives or SSDs be used in the optical bay when a two-drive configuration is desired. We cannot guarantee proper or successful 6Gb/s drive operation in the Apple MacBook Pro 13" optical bay.

    2008/2009 MacBook/MacBook Pro 13", 15", and 17" models. (Model IDs: MacBookPro5,1; 5,2; 5,3; 5,4; 5,5 and MacBook5,1; 6,1; 7,1) While a 6G SSD does function, it will only do so at SATA Revision 1.0 (1.5Gb/s) speeds rather that the SATA Revision 2.0 (3.0Gb/s) speed the machine can deliver. Should owners of these machines desire another SSD option, the Mercury Electra™ 3G SSD does run at the full SATA Revision 2.0 (3Gb/s) specification.

    NOTE: Apple's DVD Player application only works with an internal optical drive or Apple's external SuperDrive. To play DVDs with your removed optical drive after installing it in an external enclosure such as the OWC SuperSlim, we recommend the free VLC Player, which can be downloaded from http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

Data Doubler
Optical to SATA Drive
Converter Bracket Solution
Mfr P/N: DDAMBS0GBOWC SKU: OWCDDAMBS0GB1 Year WarrantyShips: Same Dayonly$43.79

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