We are sorry this page is no longer maintained and may contain some out of date services. Contact us for more information. 

At Ubertechs we don’t just repair computers and setup wireless networks, we are capable of many diverse tasks and specialist projects as requested by our customers. Some examples of these are detailed below.

Computer Controlled CCTV Security system.

We can build and install a CCTV security system for your office or home. This is based on an open source product which is very effective and great value for money. It allows you to record and archive footage from your security cameras and then access this information from anywhere you have an Internet connection. A demonstration of this system can be shown if you are interested.

Virtual Telephone System.
 For occasions when you do not need a full PBX onsite we can configure a virtual PBX telephone system hosted on one of our servers. This will provide you with such features as conference calling, interactive voice menus, simultaneous ringing of mobile phone and desk phone etc. These products are custom built to your needs.

Digital Telephone System.
We can custom build and configure a PBX system with many sophisticated features and program it for your exact requirements. Great value for money by using open source software.

Telephone voice call recorder.
For security and training purposes it is often a requirement to record all telephone calls coming in to and out of your business. We can supply, configure and maintain an extremely cost effective recording system which will archive all your incoming and outgoing calls and allow you to listen to them from anywhere. We can cater for telephone systems with multiple ISDN30 circuits.

Email and problem Ticketing.
It’s so easy to get snowed under trying to keep on top of all the emails we receive each day. Sometimes these emails are best answered by somebody else in your company. With an Ubertechs ticketing system installed, you can be sure your customers emails are directed to the right people in your company. Emails can be tracked and easily passed back and forward between your staff for action.

Network and telephony cabling.
We can undertake small to medium network and telephone cabling work to very high standards including racks and patch panels. We also are able to undertake fibre optic cabling, termination and testing.

Many others….
If there is something you don’t see or are just thinking about please get in touch, we may be able to help you turn your idea in to a working solution.