iPhone Repairs

We only use genuine Apple parts.

iPhone repairs from Apple Certified Technicians.

At Ubertechs we are qualified and certified by Apple, to carry out iPhone repairs, on devices both in and out of warranty. Our repairs use genuine Apple parts and will not invalidate your phones warranty. Only Apple and official Apple Authorised Service Providers have access to these genuine parts.
We are the only authorised iPhone repair centre in Lancaster and the surrounding area.
Our screen repairs are of the same high quality that your phone came with originally. Display repairs include replacement of glass, LCD, receiver and touch-id button.
All iPhone repairs are carried out in our Apple approved workshop using electro static dissipative protection. Our workshop is equipped with the latest Apple repair tools and we use Apple diagnostic tools, to test and verify your iPhone during and after repair. All screws removed are replaced with new, including fitting new dust/water seals to iPhone 7/8/X.
Please see below for current prices, includes VAT and labour where applicable.
(Prices are subject to change/update.)

iPhone Type Display repair Battery replacement Display AppleCare+ Whole unit AppleCare+
6S, 7, 6+, 8 £169 £69 £25 £79
6S+, 7+, 8+ £185 £69 £25 £79
XR £219 £89 £25 £79
X, XS £310 £89 £25 £79
XS Max £340 £89 £25 £79

Screen repairs

If your screen is cracked or damaged, we can replace this for you. We can usually carry these repairs out in store (iPhone 6s and above), which takes around 2 business days. Screens are genuine Apple parts which are calibrated. Touch ID, camera and receiver is also replaced. See below for pricing.

battery repairs

If your battery is not lasting as long as it used to, your battery may need replacing. We can usually carry these out in-store at a cost of £69. iPhone X and higher is is £89. Please see this important information before dropping your iPhone off.
If your iPhone will simply not turn on, this may not be a battery issue. Please read the information here first.

other repairs

If your iPhone is suffering other problems, such as camera not functioning, vibrate or speaker not working, we can help. We can also provide insurance quotations for liquid damage, bent housing etc, where the entire phone may need replacing.

If your iPhone requires a full replacement and the repair is not covered by Apple warranty or Applecare+, the prices are shown below. These are based on exchange costs, your faulty device is returned to Apple. They include VAT.
(Prices are subject to change/update.)

iPhone Type Replacement Unit
6, 6S £326.08
6+, 6s+ £353.98
7 £344.66
7+ £372.56
8 £384.56
8+, XR £431.06
X £581.54
XS Max £619.55

Important information before you bring your device to Ubertechs.

  • Wherever possible Back up your iOS device. we cannot be responsible for data loss.

  • Have your Apple ID password ready. For all repairs, you'll need your Apple ID password to turn off Find My iPhone.* Preferably disable this before coming in.

  • Bring your sales receipt (if possible), in case your service requires proof of purchase.

  • Bring your device and any accessories that you need help with.

  • Bring a form of personal identification, like a driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued ID.

    *If you're unable to turn off Find My iPhone, Ubertechs will not be able to service your device. This policy is in force to prevent unauthorized persons from servicing your device without your knowledge. If you don't remember your Apple ID and Password, please go to iForgot.
    For directions to our Lancaster shop, please see directions here.