iPhone battery replacements.
If you drop your phone in before 10 am, we will do our best to have the battery replaced the same day (not including Saturdays). I am afraid this is not a 'while you wait' service.
Currently with the high demand for this service, its always best to contact us the afternoon prior to bringing your phone in, so we can check we have stock of the battery you require and technician capacity to fit it. Email us or phone so we can put a battery to one side for you.

There are some important points to bear in mind:-

1) If the screen is cracked, you may need to pay for a screen repair prior to the battery being replaced.

2) Your phone must have the original Apple battery and not have been replaced previously.

3) Please ensure you back you phone up before you bring it to us.

4) Please ensure you know your 'Apple ID' and password, and have turned off Find my iPhone. (see above).

5) We will need to either erase your phone or have your passcode when you leave the phone so we can run our tests after the repair.

6) Whilst replacing the battery, there is a very small chance it will become unsafe to continue the repair. If this happens we will need to replace your entire phone. This will still be the same price but will mean an extra delay in the service.