Windows 8 or Mac OS X?

Recently I paid a visit to one of our regular customers. We've been servicing his aging PC for about 4 years now. The customer was very interested in purchasing a new replacement for their computer and wanted advice. I pretty much knew his needs, email, web, photos some documents and Christmas card labels etc. Now like a lot of people, he knows how to do the main tasks he needs to fine, any other problems and he gives us a quick call or we go out to see him. His PC is about 8 years old, running Windows XP and desperately needs replacing. The obvious move was to advise him on a new PC, maybe a Lenovo laptop running Windows but wait, Windows 8 had just been released! I could probably still get him a new PC with Windows 7 but everything I saw came with Windows 8. Should I look for something with Windows 7 or maybe consider a Mac for him.

Now moving from Windows XP to Windows 8 is a pretty big  jump for a lot of people, why not consider a move to a Mac running OS X? This would do all the tasks he needs nicely and come s loaded with most of the software he would need to get them done. He was not set on a laptop so I talked to him about the Mac Mini.

The Mac Mini series has just been refreshed by Apple so now is a good time to buy. He already has a mouse and keyboard he likes and his monitor is fine too, the Mac Mini (along with a suitable video adaptor) would replace his old PC just fine.  So we placed the order at 11am on Friday. This morning I got a call from him to say it had arrived, I've set up an appointment to go out and swap things over for him later in the week.