Why move to a Mac?

We get asked this question a lot.  The most common objection we hear is cost.  On the face of it, a new Mac sounds like a lot of money compared to a PC.  However, we believe that the cost of ownership for a Mac is actually better than it is for a PC.  There are lots of reasons for this which are outlined below.

  1. macOS has a clean, refined, stable and simple to use interface.  It is updated each year with improvements and additional features.  This update is free to download and simple to install, with no loss of data.  The operating system evolves gradually, meaning you do not have to keep relearning how to use it, whilst getting new and useful features.
  2. A Mac computer integrates seamlessly with other Apple devices.  If you already have an iPad or iPhone, synchronising is an almost invisible task.  Once set up, you simply do not have to think about it.  Even your photos can be synchronised across your devices, allowing your memories to be available wherever you are!
  3. A Mac is designed with both hardware and software in mind.  This ensures complete compatibility and means that both hardware and software can be fully optimised to enhance the user experience.
  4. Security.  Whilst nothing is ever completely secure, the fact is that there are currently very few exploits for MacOS.  Apple are very quick to close any security holes that are discovered by simply pushing out an update.  Peace of mind is worth a lot to us all.  We are not saying it can't happen but it is really very rare to find malicious software on a Mac.
  5. Everything included!  Apple bundles lot's of powerful software with macOS.  Word processing, spreadsheets or presentations can be made with Apple's powerful and simple to use iWork package.  GarageBand enables you to create music in your very own studio.  iMovie allows you to make fabulous slideshows and videos.  Photos allows you to collect your photographs and video's into events and albums, edit and share them.  All these apps and many, many more are included free.  Of course, if you prefer Microsoft Office, you can install that if you wish.
  6. The quality and reliability of Mac computers is legendary.  They feel as if they could last for years and they do!
  7. The display on a Mac is unbelievably sharp.  The Retina display makes it a joy to use a Mac, easy to read and less tiring to use.
  8. Apple's customer support is second to none.  They provide a free support line for customers manned by skilled and helpful operators.  AppleCare extends this support to 3 years!  Not many companies provide anywhere near this level of support.
  9. AppleCare.  After your standard one year warranty, AppleCare provides an affordable, additional two years of parts and labour cover, anywhere in the world!  As long as you can get to an Apple Store or Authorised Service Provider, you can get your Mac fixed if any of the hardware does happen to fail.
  10. It Just Works!  Once set up, you simply use the Mac as and when you need it.  You turn it on, use it and turn it off.  No fuss, no maintenance, no worry.  There is no need for optimisation software, cleanup tools or the like.  User satisfaction is always high with Mac owners.
  11. Value retention.  Mac's hold their value.  If you decide to upgrade your Mac at any time, you will be surprised at how much you can get for your old one!  Of course, you may not need to upgrade for some time!
  12. Backup.  Backup is simple and effective with Apple's built in backup solution, Time Machine.  Simply plug in an external USB hard disk and the Mac will set up the backup automatically for you.  After the first backup, Time Machine will backup any changes once an hour, all the time the hard disk is plugged in.  You can completely restore a Mac from this backup, including applications, network settings, passwords and documents etc.  You can also restore a single document that has got deleted in error if you wish.

Apple supports Mac users with help and tutorials on their website and a good place to start is the Mac Basics page.


So, the next time you are thinking about getting a new computer, talk to us about buying a Mac.  You really will not regret it.

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