What will the iPhone 5 bring?

Apple Announce the new iPhone 5

Apple Announce the new iPhone 5

Whilst we don't repair iPhones here at Ubertechs (at present) we are generally mad about all things Apple! Later today at the Yerba Buena conference centre in San Francisco Apple will announce to the world its much anticipated  iPhone 5.

There have been many rumours as to what this new device will bring, there have also been many numerous mock devices and photos and even videos of what is purported to be the new device. Myself, I'm a little sceptical about this as in the past Apple have always guarded their upcoming plans very seriously. It just seems this time they have either been very shoddy in keeping things mum or, they have purposely leaked information to put people off the real scent of the new iPhone! I'd like to think it is the latter myself as I can't say I am altogether blown away with these leaked photos and sketchy specifications. Either way we won't have long to wait until the announcement, it all kicks off at 6pm UK time today, 12th September.

Whilst there will be no live video stream to keep up with the announcement, here are some of our favorite sites to follow the event on:-




The New iPhone 5.

It's been a while!