Ubertechs go Skydiving!

Well not quite, but it got your attention!

Last week we were called to fit a small Meraki network at the local Black Knights Parachute Centre. We installed a single Meraki Outdoor Unit configured with two networks. One is a public network with a hotspot & billing enabled, the other is configured to allow access to the local network for staff or pilots. The Meraki Outdoor Unit is a weatherproof unit which is able to be powered over it's network cable as we did here.

All the billing and configuration of the unit is setup via the Meraki cloud controller, making it easy to monitor and setup the Meraki mesh units. If in future the Black Knights would like to expand the network to cover other areas, this is as easy as adding a second unit. Only power is required for this unit, no network cable is needed. The network is picked up from the first unit seen below.

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