The New iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5

Well the iPhone has been available for a few days now and it's being well received as you would expect apart from one feature, Maps! Apple decided to get rid Google Maps from iOS and introduce their own version based on data from several sources, including Tom Tom and Waze. The problem is, Google has had many years head start to perfect their maps application, data and infrastructure. It seems Apple has had invested maybe 1 to 2 years work in to their Maps and it shows. Their are many errors in the data, incomplete areas and whole towns which have moved from there true locations!

It  looks like Apple will have to throw a whole lot of money at this and a lot more resource and years work to get it anywhere near the quality we see in Google Maps. Aside from 'mapgate' (recall it was antennagate when the iPhone 4 was released) the iPhone hardware is very nice indeed. The build quality and finish is excellent and the speed of the device is said to be faster in most tests than any other smartphone currently available, even Samsungs flagship S3 device.

iOS 6, the new revision of the operating system on the iPhone 5 has had many enhancements and new features added. It still features the same basic layout as previous versions and you would be hard pushed to tell the difference if you quickly glanced at the screen from iOS 6 to iOS 3. However this design is tried and trusted and has many millions of users and fans worldwide, I guess Apple don't want to change things too radically and why would they if it works well.

I've had a quick 'play' with my sons iPhone 5 and it certainly is a very nice device. It feels great in the hand, very light and the longer screen is an improvement. The camera has been slightly improved and takes better low light photos.

MacBook with cracking lid/hinges.

What will the iPhone 5 bring?