The Meraki Outdoor Unit.

Excellent news, this morning the Meraki Outdoor Unit we ordered for testing and demonstrations yesterday has arrived.It comes packaged in a nice Meraki box with some cute little birds on the front, signifying that it is for outdoor use I guess. On the back is a picture of a city skyline with little green dots showing positions of Meraki units. There is some text which reads

"Meraki Outdoor is a robust, easy-to-use wireless mesh repeater. Build a network that brings Internet access to your entire community."

Inside is the unit itself, with a power supply, some mounting hardware and a power over ethernet injector, this allows you to send power to the Meraki Outdoor over a single network cable. Interestingly the unit has a second ethernet port, presumably to allow you to also connect a local PC, VoIP phone etc. These ports are all hidden and waterproofed by a nice secure plate held on with 3 screws.

The entire construction of the unit is very nice, it's supposed to be made from plastic which is not harmed from UV rays and it's fully weatherproof. Several green LED's on the front show you signal level etc. These LED's can be turned off should you wish to not attract any attention, this is all done from the Meraki Cloud Controller dashboard.

The shape of the unit itself is interesting, its somewhere between a sleek tortoise and an apple Magic Mouse! There is a small antenna connector on the top, so it is possible to change the included aerial should you wish. Please see the photos below which I took., click for larger images.


As usual, if you want any further information on the Meraki equipment or wish to purchase any units please get in touch with us.

Chrome to Phone an Excellent Android feature.

Meraki Outdoor Unit on it's way!