The all encompassing Apple ID

We regularly get asked about the Apple ID.  Customers are sometimes confused about it and its association with iCloud.  Hopefully this post will help you understand what the Apple ID is and why it is so important.

What is the Apple ID?

Quite simply put, the Apple ID is your interface with Apple.  It consists of a Username and Password.  The Username is usually an email address and the Password is one of your choosing, set up by you (or for you) during the process of creating your Apple ID.

So, for example, your Apple ID might be '' and your password could be' Someemail2'.  The password must have at least 8 characters, including at least one capital letter and one number.

It is difficult to stress just how important this information is to you.  Your Apple ID allows you to interact with iCloud and iTunes on any device you have.  It allows you to log into from any device in the world.  It allows you to synchronise all your devices, sharing photographs, email, contact, calendars etc.  It also allows you to update your software and apps and to track your devices with features such as Find My iPhone.

When you set up your Apple ID, you can set up some security questions in case you forget your password.  It is truly important that you remember both the questions AND the answers.  The case is important too, just like a password, 'School' is different to 'school'.

If you do forget your password, you can reset it at  If you have set a recovery email (an email address different to your Apple ID), you can use that to get the password reset.  I strongly suggest you do this, it makes life so much more simple.  You can also input your mobile number to receive a reset via text.

It is good practice when setting usernames and passwords to write them down *before* you input them.  That way you have a record.  Then remember to write it in a notebook you keep for that purpose.  Remember to associate them otherwise when you have a lot of different ones, you won't know which is which.  An example is below.



Note that I have written the password down *exactly* as it should be input.  it may seem obvious but I see a lot of people who write in capitals and have spaces.  It is important to know exactly where capitals should be.  You might also want to date this entry.

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