Simple and inexpensive wireless networking.

Simple and inexpensive are two words you would not normally associate with a centrally managed and controlled wireless network solution. However Meraki of California produce both affordable and easy to manage wireless mesh networking equipment. Meraki use a unique cloud based management system which makes setup, monitoring and subsequent control of your wireless networks almost too easy!

All that is required to get your Meraki wireless network running is to:

  • Plug the wireless access point in to your LAN
  • Create a cloud controller account at
  • Login to it and configure any options you require

That's it! Of course if you wish you can delve in deeper and setup things like a wireless hotspot with billing, various security settings, bandwidth settings etc. The Enterprise version of Meraki allows you to setup group policies, 802.1X authentication, add maps & floorplans to your network schematics and monitor for rogue wireless access points, Quality of Service and much more.

Meraki access points start at £119 +vat. Please contact Ubertechs in Lancaster for further information.

Improved 802.11n range.

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