Our Meraki MR11 is installed.



 We managed to get a few jobs done at the new Ubertechs workshop over the past few days, one of which was the installation of our new Meraki MR11 Enterprise wireless access point. The MR11, like it's dual radio cousin, the MR14, takes its power over the ethernet connection, meaning you need an injector at the switch end. This enables the MR11 to be mounted up to 100m from the network switch without the need for a power socket nearby.

The Meraki MR11 can be mounted on a wall using its mounting plate as we have done above. There is a slot for a Kensington type lock on the side or a padlock beneath to secure it to the plate. The unit also comes with mounting hardware to mount it to a suspended ceiling. The unit is also rated so it can be mounted within the ceiling space if you wish. The front panel LED's can be disabled it you prefer.

The Meraki Enterprise equipment supports up to 15 SSID's, each of these can be configured in different ways.  We have enabled a secure network for our internal use and also enabled a public network with paid-for access and a login portal. Setting up networks like this with the Meraki cloud controller is a breeze!

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Meraki Wireless Access Point Arrived.