Meraki wireless survey.

I went to visit a local hotel/restaurant in Lancaster this weekend to carry out a wireless survey. Their current Wi-Fi solution is not providing consistent coverage in their hotel rooms. I took along the equipment you can see in the photo above.

  • MacBook Pro 13" (ideal size & power consumption for this type of work)
  • 2 x Meraki indoor units. Very small and neat wireless mesh access points.
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Spy USB spectrum analyser.
  • Power supplies and aerials for the Meraki units.

I was able to quickly setup the Meraki units, one at the location of the existing BT router, the other in a different part of the hotel but  located so it still picked up a reasonable signal from the gateway unit. I gave the units 5 minutes to boot up and configure themselves. I could then run the Meraki site survey software which allowed me to see the speed of the wireless connection and get an idea of the signal quality between the gateway unit and the remote unit.

You can see in the above picture I am running the site survey software which is built in to the Meraki units, to test the link. I also ran the Chanalyzer software which comes with the Wi-Spy spectrum analyser to get an idea of which part of the 2.4GHz would be best suited for the Meraki network.

I was in and out within an hour and in a position to quote the customer for an installation.

Ubertechs are on the move!

MacBook Pro Arrives.