Meraki Wireless Access Point Arrived.



 Today we took delivery of a Meraki MR11 access point. This is a sophisticated 802.11n meshing wireless access-point. We will be using this at our new workshop and for field testing and surveys. Some of the specs of the unit are:

  • 802.11n MIMO provides up to six times a/b/g speeds with wider, more reliable coverage
  • Self-healing full-duplex mesh operation
  • Seamless, reliable operation with auto-recovery from power or local interference events
  • Powered with energy-efficient 802.3af Power over Ethernet

Next-Generation 802.11a/b/g/n technology

The MR11 delivers the high throughput and advanced features required by the most demanding business applications, such as voice and streaming video. This high performance is delivered through a dual-band 802.11n radio that utilizes advanced radio techniques such as beam forming, multiple ratio combining, and expanded channel widths. In addition, MIMO technology provides more consistent coverage throughout corporate environments.

Rapid, Simple and Flexible Deployment Anywhere You Need Coverage

Sleek design allows MR11 to be installed even in highly visible locations. A simple, intuitive and flexible mounting system allows secure installation in minutes on walls and ceilings without the need for expensive technicians. MR11 is UL 2043 compliant, and can be mounted in plenum spaces in compliance with the strictest building codes. MR11 also features Meraki’s award-winning, self-healing mesh technology, which can further reduce installation time by enabling rapid extension of your network into areas where laying Ethernet or fiber cabling would be impractical.

Ease of Management with Limited IT Resources

Paired with Meraki Cloud Controller, MR11 receives automatic, over-the-air firmware upgrades, hosted branding and simplified authentication. The Cloud Controller also runs network-wide optimizations and frequency-planning to maximize capacity and throughput. With a global view of network health, the Cloud Controller automatically balances capacity to maximize client throughput across the network.

The Metric that Matters: ROI

Meraki’s hosted architecture eliminates the need for expensive controller hardware and software, substantially reducing upfront capital expenditures. In addition, for areas where installing Ethernet or fiber cabling is cost-prohibitive, Meraki’s mesh technology enables reduced upfront wiring costs. MR11’s low, fully 802.3af-compliant power consumption means not having to pay to upgrade your switches. Most important, Meraki simplifies the network design process, making installation fast and easy and makes even the largest networks easy for a single person to manage from any web browser, reducing the need for expenditures on IT staff and consultants.

For more technical details of the Meraki MR11, please click here.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these high performance access points, or any other Meraki equipment, please get in touch.

Our Meraki MR11 is installed.

Setting up the new office network.