MacBook Pro Arrives.


Yesterday I ordered a 13 inch MacBook Pro at 1:30pm, direct from Apple. Today at 10:30am it arrived! Several months ago I sold my 12 inch  iBook which I'd used as my main laptop for a few years, I'd been getting by with a small Acer Netbook as my main Ubertechs 'work' laptop for some time. It was fine for basic diagnostics and network testing but it had no storage for data backups and the screen and keyboard were just too small for any extended work. The MacBook fills the gap left by the iBook nicely. It's really fast and just the right size for carrying about. As we are now an Authorised Apple Service Provider the MacBook is very convenient for creating diagnostic Apple service disks as we often require for testing Apple hardware.

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Ubertechs - Apple Authorised Service Provider!