Warning - Check your laptop / tablet bag!

What you see below is the left side of a 2013 MacBook Air. From left to right; Magsafe 2 socket, USB 3 socket, headphone socket.
But look more closely at the USB and headphone socket and you might just catch a glimpse of something which should not be there!


We had this MacBook Air brought in to us recently as the customer could not get any USB devices or headphones to fit in the sockets.
On closer inspection we found what looked like a tiny bead lodged in the back of both sockets.
We tipped out the neoprene sleeve the laptop was brought in and our counter became covered in tiny 'beads' of silica gel!

When these protective sleeves are shipped they often contain a small bag of silica gel to help absorb any moisture, this bag had become damaged in the bottom of the sleeve and the tiny beads worked their way inside these ports.


Fortunately for the customer they had become lodged in the ports on the left side of the MacBook which houses a small input/output board. Had it been the other side it could have been much worse and may have resulted in the logic board being removed or worse still replaced!

So check your laptop / notebook / tablet / iPad bag today and remove the small packet of silica before it is too late!

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