Improved 802.11n range.

Meraki MR11 Access Point.

Meraki MR11 Access Point.

As you know from a previous blog entry we use a Meraki MR11 wireless access point in the Ubertechs workshop, well what other brand would we use?! The MR11 is a single radio 802.11n high performance wireless mesh access point, as such it gives greater throughput and better range than 802.11b/g.

My mobile smartphone, a HTC Desire, had recently received an updated to Android 2.2, amongst other things this included enabling the wireless radio in the phone to work at 802.11n. To my surprise today I was able to receive the signal from our wireless network whilst visiting a customer in the same building as our workshop but 3 floors below! We are  not talking wooden floors here either, these are pretty heavy duty concrete floors.

I then visited the cafe onsite, which is even further away from our workshop, I don't even get a mobile signal down there. To my surprise I was still picking up the Meraki access point in our workshop! I was able to do a speedtest and acheived a pretty decent throughput!

So if your in any doubt as to whether you should go with 802.11n to give you better performance and range - don't hesitate, just make sure it says Meraki on the box!

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