iMac 27" 3TB, hard drive replacement program.

Yesterday Apple announced a replacement program for certain 3TB hard drives fitted to 27" iMacs, sold between December 2012 and September 2013. If you believe your iMac may have one of these affected drives, you are strongly advised to check your serial number on the Apple website here.

You should make sure your iMac backup is up to date and contact Ubertechs for service. We can change the hard drive for you free of charge, if you require your data copying to the new drive, we may make a charge for this.


In 2011 Apple carried out a similar replacement program for 1TB hard drives. We saw several customers who did not get their hard drive changed and it later went on to fail.
Don’t delay, get your hard drive changed and ensure your backup is current.

Apple iPhone event. September 9th 2015.

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