Don't take your iPhone for granted.

Many millions of us rely on the iPhone for our business and daily home life. We take it out of our bag or pocket, switch it on, make a call, write an email or check our calendar but do we ever think how we got to where we are with this amazing piece of 21st century technology? 

Apple gave us the first "sneak peek" of the  iPhone on the 9th of January 2007 at the MacWorld conference in front of thousands of attendees. Below is a video of that milestone event. I encourage you to watch it, especially a few minutes in as Steve Jobs gives a live demonstration of the brand new iPhone. After you have watched it continue reading. below.

What many did not know at that time was just how fragile a device Steve Jobs was holding in his hand and demonstrating to the awe struck attendees of the MacWorld conference.

An article recently published in the New York Times tells the story of one of the senior engineers at Apple working on the massive project which dedicated nearly 1000 Apple employees over 3 years to a top secret project which lead to the iPhone release in June of 2007. Please visit the original article on the NY Times site and have a read. It's a few pages long but please stick with it and read it all.

If you are like me you probably take that small glass and metal slab we call an iPhone for granted, hopefully you will now appreciate what a technological miracle it really is.

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