Chrome to Phone an Excellent Android feature.

I recently updated my HTC Desire phone to the new Android version 2.2, also known as Froyo, short for Frozen Yoghurt. All the Android releases are currently named after confectionery, Doughnut, Eclair, Cupcake - in case you were wondering! 

One of the really useful new features of Android 2.2 which I have found is the 'Chrome to Phone' or 'Send to Phone' feature. Basically this allows you to send whatever web page is displayed on your computer web browser with a single click of the mouse and have it appear on your Android device. Now what is really neat is if you are looking at some directions to a place you are about to drive to in Google Maps on your computer, you can click the button in your Chrome or Firefox web browser and have the route open up on your Android phone's Google Maps application. For business use I find this really useful, I like to see an overview of the route I am taking to a customers before I leave. Now I can view this route on my PC or Mac and then send it with a single click to my HTC Desire. When I get in my car I can then use this information in the Google Navigation application to direct me to my customer!

Other features of Chrome to Phone are:-

  • Send links to browser
  • Google Maps links launch the Google Maps app.
  • YouTube links launch the YouTube app.
  • Selecting phone numbers in Web pages, launches the dialer with the number pre-populated.
  • Selected text populates the Android clipboard (long-press on text boxes to get paste option).

All this is done 'over the air' and requires no cable connection from your computer to phone.

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