Apple WWDC 2015, less than a week away!

It's less than one week away now until Apple's 2015 World Wide Developer Conference in California.
The event begins on Monday the 8th of June at 6PM UK time and you can watch it live at , or use the icon on your Apple TV to stream it.

Each summer Apple holds this event, to get together as many Apple developers as it can under one roof, for a week of conferences, workshops and discussions about Apple's latest developments. 

The conference opens with a keynote presentation from Tim Cook and other Apple execs.
We will no doubt, see new versions of iOS 9 and OS X announced and it it strongly rumoured that Apple's new streaming music service (remember Apple purchasing Beats?) will be unveiled and a new AppleTV device will be announced. This new AppleTV 'box' may also form the hub for HomeKit, which is due to get some attention.

So set your reminders for Monday 8th June at 6pm. What are you looking forward to seeing?


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