Upgrading the RAM in your Mac will give it more 'thinking' room. Allowing it to execute more applications and commands at the same time. Too little RAM and your Mac will have to move items from this 'short-term' memory to the hard drive. When it is ready it will move them back, this process known as 'swapping' which slows down your Mac considerably. Adding more RAM is a cost effective way to improve its performance.

Turbocharge your Mac with one of Ubertechs super fast SSD upgrades. Fitting a SSD (Solid State Drive) to your Mac is the most effective ways to improve its speed and give it a new lease of life. 
Changing out the mechanical spinning drive for a new device with no moving parts will make a huge difference to the speed and usability of your Mac computer. Some Mac models allow us to leave your existing hard drive in place and add an additional SSD. Although this is usually more expensive, requiring additional parts and labour, the tradeoff is a much larger amount of storage space.

Hard Drive
Perhaps you are satisfied with the speed of your Mac but are constantly running out of space.
We may be able to install a new, larger hard drive in place of your existing one to give you more space for photos, videos and applications. If you have a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Retina model and would like to expand the storage, please get in touch too.

Here are some quotes from recent Ubertechs customers who have had a SSD upgrade:

I recently had a mid 2010 Mac Mini (the initial unibody design with a DVD slot) upgraded to a 256GB SSD and 8GB of RAM. Since doing this the machine now boots in about 18 seconds, runs cool and quiet (the fan never needs to cut in), and applications are, subjectively, about 50% faster both to load and execute. The improvement was so impressive that, after about three months, I had a second machine upgraded to the same spec. Moving to SSD gets rid of the laptop-speed disk drive which was always the performance bottleneck on the Mac Mini. Ubertechs did a great job on both machines, even managing a same day service on the second one.
— Ian Macdonald
An SSD upgrade gave my 2009 iMac a new lease of life. It feels like a new machine.
— Christian Cable
Just a quick line to say how pleased with the upgrade I am which also included a little more memory as well as the new drive.

Having discussed the options with me, I decided to take your advice and upgrade to an SSD drive and wow, what a difference, the whole machine actually only takes seconds from a cold start to fully up and running which used to be a real drag.

I would also like to add a thank you for making the changeover appear flawless. Like many people, I didn’t back up as I should and fully expected loosing photographs, data files, etc. but not a thing, I was over the moon. I also, never really understood the time machine side but once again, your advice on this along with a very affordable backup drive now ensures we are fully covered for any event.

Thanks once again and all the best to you Mike.
— Paul Murphy